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Brexit... and kitchen prices

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

So lets get to the elephant in the room shall we...

All our clients whether kitchen retail, architect or developer only currently have one subject when we meet and that is... "how will Brexit effect prices of kitchens next year?"

I truthfully say that no one really knows as yet but with a caveat that with 36 years experience in the industry both in retail and working for major kitchen suppliers, I am certain of a number of things...

If the pound falls to the euro (even further), prices for all European products could increase significantly and very quickly.

Certain European suppliers are already making "noises" that prices will need to go up to cover their UK restructuring costs internal accounting and distribution and delivery.

On recent meetings in Germany and Italy, the "Green eyed monster" has raised its ugly head; even before we all know where we stand. Those selling a quality product that can still be considered good value for money need to be careful as they could simply prices themselves out of the market. We have told them this, will they listen? We shall see, but I close with one last statement that with certain kitchen manufacturers I am certainly not holding my breath as in the past they have used any old lame excuse to increase prices and edge up their margin at the factory end.

With Germany potentially going into a recession themselves, they will hopefully think twice this time otherwise this many well close further German kitchen companies as it has done in the last five years.

I am just glad that Rempp are one of the more financially stable kitchen companies in the sector and seem to be playing the game with a straight bat.

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