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Why do we use “live” customer installations/kitchens on our website?

Updated: 4 days ago

We can't tell you how many other kitchen companies put pictures on their websites that are not kitchens that they designed and installed themselves... but instead, pictures taken from manufacturing literature!

It is so vital that you see real kitchens in real families homes that live local to yourself. On our website, you can see the kitchen installation process and read many of our complimentary testimonials from families that love their transformed kitchen areas and homes.

Our clients and their finished project are simply the best advertisement we can have, far better than advertisements in glossy magazines. Showing a real kitchen in a real family home is what each and every client is looking for themselves so seeing these on our website and in turn visiting that project to see it in the flesh and speak to the end user on how it all went and how we performed is worth its weight in gold. I say to every client we will outperform any of our competition and “the proof is in the pudding”! To date no client has done this and not gone ahead with us, and in turn then put themselves forward to be added to the portfolio and thus it continues with a long stream of satisfied clients.

It has been interesting that we started this back in 2008 and now some of our competition have decided to try and copy this. Judge for yourself how many of what they put up as their installations are real or pictures taken from manufacturing literature!

These chronological pictures show the design, extension and kitchen installation process completed by Liquid Space Design. The family that lives in this home is delighted with their transformed space!

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