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Has your builder ever fitted a quality kitchen?

Updated: 4 days ago

Has your builder ever fitted a quality kitchen?

Many say yes, many have not!

Before allowing a builder to do an installation for you ask to see an installation by the fitter who will be fitting yours and let you meet the end user!

I will bet they try everything to not do this.

You may be surprised if you do manage this that this “installation” does not look like the showroom quality of installation you are expecting. Why not?

Make sure to get the full name of the actual fitter and that he is the one you get when the time comes for your installation without any excuses.

I have been phoned this week by a lovely lady in my locale that I know who has just had a kitchen fitted, Liquid Space Design was too expensive (we were £3500 more on a £25,000 project) but as I know them both, I popped round knowing I might bump into them in the local pub and it would become a topic of discussion anyway.

The whole installation needs to come out including the fitted quartz worktops and most of appliances! The extractor ducting has also been totally forgotten.

The initial plan from the company they purchased it from didn’t fit even though she says it was checked and the fitter just went merrily ahead although she heard him grumbling on his mobile on day one. He’s blaming the kitchen supplier and the builder, and they are blaming him; the client is right in the middle with a kitchen that needs removing, re-ordering (6-8 weeks) with the uninterested supplier and then re-fitting with 6 new correctly sized and specified units.

Who’s going to pay for this she has asked me. You, was my simple reply.

The kitchen supplier won’t come out and the builder’s fitter won’t answer his mobile to her.

As this is by no means a unique example, I will endeavour to keep the outcome of this updated in this blog...

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