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Ask the right questions at the START!

Updated: 4 days ago

Ask the “You do install this, Don’t you?” question from day one or get left with an unfitted kitchen in your garage or living room, maybe for months.

Many people currently looking for a kitchen don’t realise the issues they could be facing if they don’t do their homework and ask the right questions and insist on a written response as confirmation.

These issues can quickly become your problem if you don’t do your due diligence on the company, they are thinking of purchasing their kitchen “it’s a bargain” from.

Don’t get fooled by the price if they are not taking responsibility for the end installed result.

Kitchen companies especially many of the multiples are selling kitchens to people telling them that getting it fitted will be a breeze. It’s simply is not!

Some will give you a list of their recommended fitters, many do not exist, and many will no longer work for them.

Look at all the people desperately seeking kitchen installations, electricians, plumbers and tilers on sites such as Bark and Houzz. We receive over 20 enquiries a week from desperate people looking for installation via e mail alone.

The good kitchen fitters work solely for companies such as ours and other good reliable, well run independents. Wouldn’t you if you were an excellent kitchen fitter?

I also receive another 5-6 phone calls a week from people desperately asking me to fit a Wren or Howdens kitchen. This is not what we do and for very good reason!

If your are thinking of buying a kitchen, make sure the company you buy it from can do all the installation work unless your builder is completely installing it. Even then ask your builder if you can see one of his previous kitchen installations of the brand you are purchasing. Many people are disappointed in what they finally receive and the end result (its not like that in the showroom is often the comment and by then it’s far too late).

If they can’t install what they are selling, ask yourself why and is this truly a wise, safe “bargain” purchase with your hard earned money?

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